Dulcimer and Personal Music Making (workshop)

tchrsanddulcimersUsing workshop dulcimers that the artist’s provide (unless the school has their own), everyone plays an easily recognizable tune…whether they have ever played an instrument or not! “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, “You Are My Sunshine” and “Shenendoah”, are the kinds of tunes that the group will start with. The fret boards on the instruments are labeled for the novice to easily locate a position on the musical scale and the instruments sound sweet, melodic and not too loud, making them ideal for the classroom setting. A detailed teaching sequence provides the opportunity for students with different musical abilities to play together with minimum frustration or competitiveness. So much can be accomplished quickly on this simple and lovely sounding instrument. From the success students feel after this program, they are encouraged to continue personal music making on their own. This session gives them a good idea of how to get started and what’s next. (15 dulcimers are available, if necessary two students can share one instrument and take turns playing).

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