Our American Heritage Music & Dance Festival

Sharing music & dance traditions with John & Trish is an exciting approach to studying early American life and multi-culturalism. A brief history of people providing their own entertainment through music and dance is presented with fiddle tunes, folksongs, and fancy footwork. By singing timeless songs and trying dances, students are given the opportunity to carry on this rich tradition. Clog dancing adds zesty energy to the show as well as intricate rhythmic accompaniment to old-time fiddle tunes. Studying lyrics develops language arts skills. When music classes join the performers, students are part of the band. In dance workshops, young people learn appropriate touch when moving together in dance patterns. Building self esteem and relating to others is an important development within this activity.

American heritage folksongs are presented with insights into their ethnic origins. Subjects include local history, immigration ballads, work songs, funny and tragic events. Acoustic instrument styles from north America and all over the world are demonstrated and students are encouraged to learn to play an instrument. Exposure to a “live” music program gets students sharing songs and promotes attendance at concerts and other lively arts events. The artists will work with the teacher to plan selections that are relevant to current lessons.(Grades: k-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

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