Wedding Tunes & Songs

These songs & tunes are particularly good for wedding ceremonies & receptions. Enjoy!
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Nothin’ Sweeter than Your Love ~ (Jim Burns) John w/ Walt Michael & Co.

Long Roads ~ (J. Kirk) from our CD “Quicksteppin'”

One Step at a Time(J. Kirk) living room recording

St. Paul’s Song(Pierce Pettis/St. Paul) living room recording

Something that We Do(Clint Black) live radio recording w/ Sara Milonovich

I Heard the Bluebird Sing(The Browns) Marie Burns & John w/ The Woodshed All-Stars from the CD “Willow”

The Wedding Song(Paul Stookey) John in a living room recording

Instrumental Waltzes

Arran Boat (traditional) John w/ Walt Michael & Co.

Give Me Your Hand(traditional) living room recording

Golden Fiddle Waltz(traditional) from our CD “Quicksteppin'”

Star of the County Down(traditional) John w/ Walt Michael & Co.

Airs, Reels, Hornpipes, & Breakdowns

Ashland Breakdown(Bill Monroe) John w/ Walt Michael & Co.

Big John McNeill ~(Peter Milne) live concert recording of John & Trish & Quickstep

Eye on the Needles(J. Kirk) from our CD “Fly Around”

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (traditional) from our CD “Quicksteppin'”

Planxty George Brabazon / Charles O’Connor (jig)(Turlough O’Carolan) John w/ Walt Michael & Co.

I Married Your Daughter / Woodchopper’s Reel(traditional) from our CD “Quicksteppin'”

Hangman’s Reel(traditional) from our CD “Quicksteppin'”

Wind in the Hollow(J. Kirk) John w/ Walt Michael & Co.