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 Hot American tunes, songs and dances!

… our diverse cultural heritage,

… folklore and self expression.

Assemblies, Workshops,
Residencies, & Family Programs

 Participation is the key to programs presented by John Kirk & Trish Miller
This husband and wife team have a natural ease with students that draws them into an American heritage program that motivates them to discover their musical ability and put it unselfconsciously on display. Both artists play music, dance and are dance callers. They have been performing professionally since 1985 and along the way they have studied many aspects of American folk culture. They tell the stories behind the songs and dances from Native Americans, settlers from the British Isles, African Americans and contemporary artists including songs and dances they have written and collected themselves.

Follow the links below for more program information:

Our American Heritage Festival of Music and Dance

an introduction to making music yourself through songs, rhythms, dances, songwriting and a variety of instruments!

American Old Time Country Dances

with John and Trish calling and live music!

Celebrating Community Diversity

Dulcimer and Hands-On Music Making in the Classroom

participation in music making!

Quotes from Teachers and Students

and from administrators!

Artist Fees

In scheduling programs, we like to talk with a coordinator from the school to determine the number of days, grade levels involved, financing, types of programming desired; (i.e. assemblies, dance workshops, classroom workshops, an evening program open to parents and the community). After the sessions are scheduled, the artists talk to individual teachers, detailing workshops and curriculum tie-ins. For three or more days in a school district the artists prefer to have a core group of students (1 or 2 classes) they see every day of the residence. This is for that little extra “hands on” experience with instruments, loosening-up of singing inhibitions, some songwriting and country dancing. Teacher workshops are often arranged as part of the program. The residence culminates with an all-school assembly having student and faculty presentations of the heritage songs and dances learned as part of the different workshops. The students are proud to be part of this program and interested to see the other class presentations which are all accompanied by “live” music. The artist’s provide a professional sound system and will work with the principal and school staff to arrange planning and scheduling for their district’s needs.